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I was late for work this morning by like 25 minutes. I totally feel right back to sleep after my alarm went off. Jeez. Mary is a dumbass.
People have these interesting ideas of how businesses work. This lady ordered a cake, with a kit that I didn't have, that I never freaking had, yet for some reason, the page ended up in my book (der!). I called her and told her and she started freaking out, and being kind of beligerant. The first thing she said when I told her I didn't have it was, "well, then do I get it for free?" ::insert blank stare:: Ummm ... NO! Then she just went on and on about how she *had* to have it. I already had called the island and Dan's store. Debbie called the one by her house. None of them had it. I told the lady that, which just was not good enough. She then asked me what was the closest store that had it. Dood, I am not calling every fucking Publix that exists, just to see if they have a toy, that is disconinued by the way. At the end of the phone call, she was like "remind your manager of the "publix promise", that if you don't have something advertised, I get it for free." What a cunt. Haha. I told Debbie that, and she was like, that is *not* the Public Promise, where the hell does she get that from? The Publix Promise, by the way, is something along the lines of, if you are ever dissatisfied in a product for any reason, you get a full refund. She said she was going to come in tomorrow at 9. I called Wedgewood, and thank fucking God, they had it. Not that I cared about making that insane woman happy, but just so I didn't have to deal with her anymore. I got the toy after work. Oh yeah, Jason called this morning. Claiming that he was in a car accident this morning, and the doctor said that he was going to be on disability for a month. Debbie told him just to bring in a doctors note. Six hours later, he calls back, had made a miraculous recovery, and he *could* come in to work. I told Debbie that he spent this whole time trying to make up a fake doctors note on his computer, and couldn't figure out how. Which is probably true. She was freaking out all day, because without him, we have no one to close 4 days a week. She was trying to schedule me, Katie, Shirley and Eve to close one night each a week ((even though we all work in the mornings all the time)). That kid ... is more of a pain in our asses than he is worth. Oh yeah, George came in today. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I love George. I am so, like, the daughter he never wanted, but has to deal with sometime anyway. He said he'd be back in a month or 2.
I just finished eating some chicken vindaloo leftovers and pizza. So now my belly is full, but I didn't eat anything all day, so it's okay.
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