Little Star (zqueenofdenialz) wrote,
Little Star

Ghosties dropping f-bombs

Jeff, Chris and myself were listening to the EVP session from Scartet O'Hara last night. Dood. That was some funny stuff right there. I think Chris went a little overboard with the whole provocation thing. He blames it on being really tired. We have a clip of him saying "dog ass" for no reason whatsoever. And he also mentions something about "did you get fucked in the ass with a wooden dildo?" What the fuck, Chris?!?! And yes. We *do* have an EVP of a ghosties dropping the f-bomb. I am *NOT* making this up. I caught it, actually. Chris and Jeff got the first part, but I heard "fucking". I was like, damn Chris, you pissed off George (the ghost who supposedly haunts it).
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