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I hate people who lie to me. Hate it hate it, fucking hate it!!! Especially, when I ask you straight up. Everyone knows that if you're honest with me, even if it's in a scandelous way, at least you're not fucking lying, and I'll respect you more in the end. Like Jeff-o, at least he admitted that he said he was still in love with me to try to fuck me. Yeah, I did resent him for a while. But at least he fucking fessed up to it. Loren ... he fucking knew everything with Jeff. He knew how upset it made me. Yet, what the fuck is he doing right now. He has a fucking girlfriend. He lives with her. He's only being nice to me because he wants someone to fuck while he's down here. What? You can't go without sex for a week, you cocksucker?
A lot of emotions going through me at once. It's after 12 and I have to be up at 5 and I can't sleep cos I'm upset. I'm talking to him right now. And ... I dunno ... I do love Loren. He's been my friend forever. And you know what, he should fucking know better.
He's now turning it around on me, in this boo-hoo, I've had a shitty week type of deal. Here, I'll let you borrow my emo glasses and you can knit a sweater.

I hate life.
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