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Someone give me a pictorial view of rabbit genitalia!

Oh jeez. Mary is a tard. But it is not completely all my fault. Jeff is now insisting that my rabbits are the opposite sex now. I originally thought Gilgamesh was a girl and thought Bun-Bun a boy. I assumed these things because the people who had previously owned them *told* me that! Then today, I put them both on the bed and Gilgamesh proceeds to try to hump Bun-Bun! Jeff said that I cock blocked him. Mwahahaha!!! No sex for you!!! But eww. Who wants their animals fornicating on their bed? But yeh, Gilgamesh is acting all weird. Jeff said he/she/it acts like that all the time, thou.
I took some DayQuill to try to halt some of my sickness, but it didn't work.
Jeff has gone to get orange Slurpies!! Woo! I love orange Slurpies. They are full of orangeness and Slurpieness!
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