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Just let her crash and burn, she'll learn; the attention just encourages her

Me, Jared, Ariell, Rachel, Lance and their friend Tim all went to Rebar after I got out of work Friday (since I didn't have to work on Saturday). It was fun. I ran into TJ and Hollis. WTF!!! Damn, I haven't seen Hollis since some time at Dirt's moms house when he was making his weird attempts to hit on me (like always). What the hell was he doing at Rebar? Afterwards we went to Perkins. I hadn't been to Perkins in a long while, so I had forgotten that their iced tea is the most disgusting thing on earth. I would rather drink a glass of piss. Actually, their food all around is crap-tastic in general. But where else is there to go at 2:30 in the morning? Besides Dennys, that Ariell refuses to eat at. I didn't end up getting home and going to bed until after 5. *Then* I still woke up at 8 in the morning.
Yesterday I got Reno 911 Season 3 dvd. Very funny. Just like the other 2.
I can't recall if I mentioned that we do have a date for Rhode Island. It's the weekend of the 24th in August. So I *am* going to miss Aghora. That makes me sad. But, I'm going to meet Keith and that makes me happy. I guess we're going to be on his tv show or something up there. Not sure what that is all about. I do *not* want to lug all our equipment up to Rhode Island though.
I was supposed to dye mine and Jeff's hair today, but it is getting late. I think he's still mowing the lawn. Procrastinator.
I love my cats. They are the best and most beautiful cats in the world. And they're all mine!!
I haven't talked to Dirt for 10 days. I knew he'd stop caring eventually.
There still is shit going on with SLPS. I'm tired of the bickering and "oh he's a useless piece of shit" and blah blah. You know, these are people that you're supposed to be working with, not against. Get over yourselves, assholes. If you don't want to be a part of SLPS, then go away! There will be no "fringe members". And no, only if so and so isn't around. Fuck that. Shit. Grow up. If you have a problem with someone, fucking speak up and talk to them. It obviously can't be important enough if you're not interested in resolving it.
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